About the Gary Moore Belfast Statue Project

Patricia Moore chats to our sculpture artist Sean McCarthy at The National Sculpture Factory in Cork City, Ireland where Sean will meticulously craft Gary’s statue.

This is the Gary Moore Statue for Belfast project.  We are undertaking the necessary steps to put a statue in place in Belfast to honour the legend of the strings Gary Moore in his hometown.  

We will see this project through to completion. For you, Gary’s superfans, and for Gary because a memorial statue is the recognition he deserves.
Gary’s statue won’t appear in Belfast by magic, together we must make the magic happen, but together we will do this!

So please support the project, your project, Gary’s project, in whatever way you can. Please join us at our fundraising shows, buy our fundraising teeshirts and other fundraising merch we will have for sale from time to time.

We look forward to bringing you more statue news on our official media channels (see below)  Please stay tuned – this is only the beginning!

All the best!

Patricia Moore & Sharon Quigley
The Wild Frontier Memorial Project
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